How to Repair Sage 50 Data Files using Sage 50 Database Repair Utility

repair sage 50 data files

Sage 50 is accounting software developed by Sage Group for the small and medium industry. It is built on a user-friendly platform which is incorporated with several third-party applications. Sage 50 is easy to work on but there are certain situations where even Sage 50 malfunctions. These malfunctions are basically technical errors which damage the data files.  Any hindrance or problem blocking the smooth functioning of the Sage software could lead to the lots of frustration. Sage 50 database repair utility 2017 download is designed specially to get you rid of all the issues, related with the data files, you encounter in Sage 50 software. Here we will discuss how to get Sage 50 database repair utility 2017 along with the Sage 50 database repair utility 2018.

The Sage 50 data files get corrupted due to various ways. It could be due to the exit from the program in abrupt way. Virus infections and malware could be the other reasons. Power shutdown and sudden power loss can also lead to the corruption of Sage 50 data files. Make sure that there is no physical issue related to the hardware or any kind of voltage problem. Sage 50 database repair utility is designed especially to overcome all the issues related with the corrupted Sage 50 data files.

Through this article, we are trying to acquaint you people that how Sage 50 data files are repaired with the help of Sage 50 database repair utility.


The corruption in Sage 50 data files can be mostly due to the following reasons:

  • Damages in Pervasive Database Engine.
  • Improper connections between data path and network.


In order to fix your Sage 50 Data files, you will have to follow the steps below:

Solution: Database Repair Utility

Downloading the Sage Repair Utility Software

  • By clicking on the start button of the windows, go for the program selection
  • Search the Sage 50 Accounting software and click on it
  • Then move towards the Sage 50 help and resource in software
  • Choose Sage support utilities
  • You can see component of Sage 50 repair utility
  • In order to start the use tab on the tool

Step I: Start the Tool

  • Files that need to be worked upon for repairing while working are automatically searched by the tool once it is launched
  • In order to start the process of repairing, click on install box
  • You will see a dialogue box. Click on Yes in order to continue. You will also have an option to read and gain more knowledge about the repairing tool
  • After agreeing, click on OK
  • You will see three options, choose any one select it and run the tool
  • Start the tool and extract all the files related to the proper functioning of the tools.
  • “End User License Agreement” dialog box will get displayed on your system.
  • Select the “Agree” option.
  • Three options will be displayed on your computer screen:
    • Remove Pervasive
    • Install Pervasive
    • Create New Local Data Path

Firstly, removing the pervasive, this option will help you to get rid of the pervasive from your local system. Close all the Sage 50 software before you click on this option. Installing the pervasive, by doing this, system will automatically add the updates of missing software. In this case as well, don’t forget to close the Sage 50 from all the workstations Creation of new data path will provide the new Sage 50 files by removing all the old ones. Duplicated files will be sent by system to fresh data path. In order to add new data path.

Step II: Remove Pervasive

  • If you select this option, then it will uninstall the Pervasive from your local workstation.
  • In order to run this application on your system, you should be logged in to the system as an “Administrator”.
  • Assure that all the other users are logged out of the system.
  • Close “Sage 50” software.
  • Start “Remove Pervasive Utility”.

Step III: Install Pervasive

  • Click on Install Pervasive Utility and run it in your system.
  • Ensure you are logged in to the system as an “Administrator”.
  • This utility will repair all the issues.
  • Re-install the latest version of sage 50 Service Release.


Step II: Creating a New Local Data Path

By using the above utility, you can easily generate a new Sage 50 data path directory with the help of “factory default files”. Follow the steps below:

  • Check the location for new data path.
  • Use the feature, “Company to Copy”. By using this feature, you can easily move the entire directory from the former data path to the new one.
  • The “Manage INI Files” will permit you to revert back to the original path.
  • Choose the original data path.
  • Click on option, “Make Active”.
  • Click on the “Close” option to close the Database Repair Tool.
  • Re-install the latest version of sage 50 Service Release.

These solutions are quite complex and you may face some difficulties while working on it. In those situations, you can always give a call to SageNumber.Support. They have an expert team of sage professionals who will guide you in resolving your errors.

What is SageNumber.Support?

The SageNumber.Support is a small group of organization who has hired Sage certified professionals. You can get in touch with them by calling on their technical support number. They provide assistance 24*7, which means you can get in touch with them at any point in time. When you will reach out to them, they will immediately respond to you back and help you regarding all your Sage 50 issues. You can give a call on their toll-free number 1844-871-6289 or you can also request for Online Chat Support.

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