How to Print 1099 and 1096 Forms in Sage 100

Print 1099 and 1096 Forms in Sage 100

The Sage software is steady on its path of gaining adulation from one and all in the accounting world. It not only makes tasks easier but also adds to the growing business plans of a new startup. Whether it is a small or mid-sized organization, they are the

An individual who is not from the financial and accounting background can also understand this software on the job. However, now is taxation time so Sage users are concerned about completing 1099 and 1096 Forms in Sage 100 in the correct way . Also, the print needs to be taken for completing the form at your own convenience.

It is always suggested to take help from Sage drilled adept executives who can assist in every way. Get in touch with the SageNumber.Support experts. Their toll free number is 1844 871 6289. They will at once offer you with the resolutions so that the essential tasks during the taxation time does not get hampered at all.

Process Of Printing 1099 and 1096 Forms in Sage 100

  • Accounts Payable needs to be opened. Reports, Form 1099 eFiling and Reporting
  • In the Form 1099 eFiling and Reporting window, in Form to Use field, select New
  • In the Form Type field, talk to a Sage expert to know what to choose. There are Dividend, Interest, Miscellaneous.
  • Choose the Vendor Type
  • Choose the 1099 Calendar Year
  • Enter the Minimum YTD Payment for vendors with year-to-date payments equal to or greater than the amount entered.
  • Confirm that the Company data is correct in the Company Name, Address, City, State, ZIP Code, Federal ID No., Telephone, and Fax fields
  • Choose Accept
  • The 1099 Wizard appears. Click Next
  • Choose the Print Checklist button to print a list of steps to use when verifying information on the 1099. Click Finish to continue.
  • In the window, follow the steps to complete the form.
  • Once you have accomplished reviewing all the information in the 1099.
  • The printing and processing screen is where you decide how you want to process your 1099 forms

There are more steps in printing out 1099 and 1096 Forms in Sage 100. To avoid any damage or mistakes in the overall process, contact immediately the Sage tech support team at SageNumber.Support in order to not make any mistake. You will be eased by the instantaneous resolutions.

What is SageNumber.Support?

The SageNumber.Support is a Sage technical support team of trained professionals who can tell you all about 1099 and 1096 Forms in Sage 100 and how to print them in detail. They are highly informed and have a huge experience in handling any Sage related issues. They can usher you during the whole process of printing the 1099 and 1096 forms in Sage 100 and also provide tips. The Sage customer support team at SageNumber.Support is available round the year at the toll free number 1844 871 6289.

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