How To Fix Balance Sheet Issues With Sage 50

balance sheet issues with sage50

Sage 50 is superb software for all kinds of accounting related tasks irrespective of the size of the organization. Nowadays from small to medium size to growing startups are steadily using the Sage 50 software for all accounting related daily tasks.  It is a fast and efficient way to resolve all the issues in the best possible manner. In fact, Sage 50 is one of the best accounting software in today’s times considering the plethora of tools and features it offers to its users.

It aids in money flow management as well as inventory tracking in a brilliant way that can increasingly help a lot in case of any growing organization. Also, during the taxation times, it is a highly useful software that can bring a smile on the face of any user as it makes many tedious tasks easy.  The software can be understood even by a person from a non accounting or non finance background. Forty users can work on this software at one time and module-level security and inventory management is completely achievable with this software in a smooth manner.

However, every user while working on this software might face a few doubts. One such doubt which users face is Balance Sheet Issues with Sage 50. Users can contact the SageNumber.Support team of professionals for a detailed discussion. Let’s explore more on this topic.

All About Balance Sheet Issues with Sage 50

Varied Types of Balance Sheet Issues

  • Incase of inaccurate retained earnings account balance.
  • If there are contradictory figures like the accounts has dissimilar balance on the last day of last fiscal year and first day of current fiscal year with no transactions.
  • The accounts was not closed to the retained earnings account.
  • The amount in the retained earnings account has been split to a different account.


Follow these steps:

  • First the user needs to verify the damaged transaction errors.
  • Click on Reports & Forms. Then the user has to next go to General Ledger.
  • Select the General Ledger report.
  • Next choose the Options and alter Time Frame to All.
  • Then the user has to press OK.
  • In case any error message appears, the error message has to be closed as well as the General Ledger report.
  • Choose a Report or Form.
  • Go to File and then the user has to select Data Verification.
  • Choose both tests and then go to Start.
  • The backup has to be saved.
  • Automatically the tests will get initiated when this gets completed.
  • This also means that Data Verification process has been done. The account balance needs to be checked.
  • The general ledger will be in balance now.

The other way is to do Integrity checks so that all the Balance sheet issues can be resolved.

In case the user wants a further clearance and wants to know how to resolve the issue in a better way or wants to understand the advanced steps related to the integrity checks, it is best to contact the SageNumber.Support team.

What is SageNumber.Support?

The SageNumber.Support is a tremendously trained Sage technical customer support team that has professionals who can resolve all Sage related doubts instantly. It is the safest way to resolve issues as there is no harm to the system or data files. They are available 24*7 to support and assist every sage user. The toll free number to reach out to them is 1844-871-6289. They can be contacted for general doubts and tips related to the software too.

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